Manitoba Municipal Heritage Site No. 59

St. John’s Ukrainian United Church
NE 16-20-24W,
Rossburn area

St. John’s Ukrainian United Church
Designation Date: February 14, 1991
Designation Authority: The R.M. of Rossburn
Present Owner: St. John Ruthenian Presbyterian Church

With the arrival of thousands of immigrants to Manitoba in the late nineteenth century, established Canadian Churches—Anglican, Roman Catholic, Presbyterian—undertook to provide the newcomers with religious service, partly out of Christian charity, partly out of a desire to win adherents to their own faith. The Presbyterian Church found some success within the Ukrainian population. In the Inglis/Rossburn area, Ukrainian settlers were ministered by Reverend Bay and by 1929 had begun construction of their own church building. This fine structure, with its steeple and Gothic pointed windows, is completely Protestant in it forms and elements.