Manitoba Municipal Heritage Site No. 72

Stony Hill-Otto Lutheran Church
SE 1-20-4 WPM
Lundar area

Stony Hill-Otto Lutheran Church
Designation Date: November 6, 1991
Designation Authority: Coldwell (R.M.)
Present Owner: privately owned

The Stony Hill-Otto Lutheran Church, built to serve Icelandic pioneers in the Stony Hill and Otto districts east of Lundar, is a good expression of Lutheran church architecture in rural Manitoba, as revealed by its austere nature, simple form, central entrance tower, tall peaked spire and modest Gothic Revival details. The sturdy wood-frame building, erected by homesteaders using locally milled lumber, served the Grunnavatns congregation for several decades. Renamed the Stony Hill Otto Lutheran Church and carefully restored in 1995, the facility continues to be used on special occasions and, with its cemetery, forms a cultural and physical landmark at the intersection of two heavily travelled municipal roads.