Manitoba Municipal Heritage Site No. 94

Creighton Terrace
33 Fourth Street,

Creighton Terrace
Designation Date: July 13, 1993
Designation Authority: The Town of Emerson
Present Owner: privately owned
De-designation Date: January 9, 2001
De-designation Authority: The Town of Emerson

Creighton Terrace, a Second Empire-style terrace house, was constructed in the summer of 1882 by W.D. Creighton, originally from Halifax. His stay in Emerson was brief, as by the late summer he had moved to Dominion City where he purchased and operated a local brick plant. This structure bears some stylistic resemblance to a three-unit 1881 terrace house located in Winnipeg, and designed by Charles Barber, a prominent Winnipeg architect. Barber may have had some hand in planning Creighton Terrace.

Creighton Terrace is a rare early example of mansard terrace housing in a small community. It was a popular and fashionable form of housing in the early 1880s.