Manitoba Municipal Heritage Site No. 105

Minnedosa Power Company Building
NE 1-15-18 W.P.M.

Minnedosa Power Company Building

Designation Date: February 7, 1994
Designation Authority: Minnedosa (Town)
Present Owner: Minnedosa (Town)

The Manitoba Power Commission Building, a utilitarian structure typical of industrial facilities designed in the 1920s, recalls one of rural Manitoba’s earliest hydroelectric generating stations and the role that small independent companies played in the initial development of the province’s electrical power supply. The building housed auxiliary diesel equipment used to supplement the output of the Minnedosa Power Co.’s modest, but locally important, hydroelectric plant established on this site in 1913. Located just south of Minnedosa Lake, the reservoir built to power the station’s original turbine and generator, the building now functions as a museum.

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