Manitoba Municipal Heritage Site No. 117

Lily Bay United Church
SE 21-20-6 WPM
Lundar area

Lily Bay United Church

Designation Date: December 13, 1994
Designation Authority: Coldwell (R.M.)
Present Owner: Coldwell (R.M.)

Lily Bay United Church, with its simple materials and form, and modest Gothic Revival appointments, is a good example of the many small wood-frame Protestant churches that dotted the Manitoba landscape in the early 1900s, serving as active community meeting places as well as houses of worship. Built as the Union Church by settlers in the Lily Bay district, this facility was conveniently situated next to the overland Colonization Road that connected the agricultural area east of Lake Manitoba to Winnipeg. Caringly restored after years of neglect and still used for special occasions, the church, with its cemetery, remains an important religious and historical landmark in the community.

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