Manitoba Municipal Heritage Site No. 118

Star Mound School
SE 27-1-10 WPM
Snowflake area

Star Mound School

Designation Date: January 10, 1995
Designation Authority: Louise (R.M.)
Present Owner: Louise (M)

Star Mound School, one of the oldest remaining structures of its type in Manitoba, is a well-built example of a pioneer-era rural school. While the building’s proportions are modest, its tall gable roof, abundant and artfully trimmed windows, and general craftsmanship distinguish it from the merely functional. The surprisingly spacious and well-lit interior, which shows attention to detail through its wainscotting and trim, contributes to the overall impression of permanence and substance. The one-room multigrade school served students in three separate Snowflake-area locations over some 80 years and is now part of a heritage display located close to its original site.

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