Manitoba Municipal Heritage Site No. 131


Tenby School
Main Street,

Tenby School

Designation Date: September 12, 1995
Designation Authority: The R.M. of Lansdowne
Present Owner: Glenella-Lansdowne (M)

The novel design and the unusual building materials are reminders of the local pride brought to the construction of many one-room schools. At a time when other one-room schools were basically unadorned boxes, the builders of Tenby, in 1896, undertook a more ambitious project. The floor plan was larger—almost a square—and the building was topped with a pyramidal roof. Moreover, they were built not with wood, but with concrete block. This material, which was popular for construction between 1890 and 1905, was usually the work of itinerant crews with portable block-making moulds. At Tenby School, the block-makers used a floral mould to create beautiful corner detail blocks, a feature not seen on many buildings, and certainly not on buildings of this modest size. Tenby School was closed in 1967, but local citizens have recently undertaken to preserve this remarkable little building.

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