Manitoba Municipal Heritage Site No. 148


Jonasson House
48-3rd Avenue,

Jonasson House

Designation Date: May 13, 1997
Designation Authority: The Town of Gimli
Present Owner: privately owned

This fine heritage house has been a Gimli landmark for years, associated with three well-known early citizens. Einar Jonasson Jr. was Secretary Treasurer for Gimli for 28 years and this house served as his office (complete with a safe). Einar Jr. was also Gimli’s Mayor from 1924-26. Einar’s father, Einar Sr., who also lived in house, was a well known practitioner of homeopathic medicine. A third important Gimli resident who lived here was Dr. Scribner, who also used part of the house for his office. The building is an excellent example of those houses in Manitoba built according to standardized catalogue plans. In this case the builder adapted a two-storey design to create a structure of considerable charm.

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