Manitoba Municipal Heritage Site No. 151


Gimli Dance Pavilion
1 Fourth Avenue
Gimli Park, Gimli

Gimli Dance Pavilion

Designation Date: August 12, 1997
Designation Authority: The Town of Gimli
Present Owner: Gimli (R.M.)

From about 1900 until after World War II, dance halls were popular venues for young and old, wondrous places of sights and sounds. These kinds of buildings usually featured utilitarian interiors, conducive to the movement of large groups of people. The exteriors might be more decorative, but just as often were not. The Gimli Dance Pavilion, built in 1911, is a modest example. The glory of the building is within, where a dramatic wooden truss system creates unobstructed floor space and where the expanse of polished wood on the dance floor still beckons dancers.

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