Manitoba Municipal Heritage Site No. 166


Moffat Barn
SE 1-15-10W,
Woodside area

Moffat Barn

Designation Date: June 9, 1998
Designation Authority: The R.M. of Lakeview
Present Owner: privately owned

Nearly always impressive because of their size, barns can attain a certain majesty when, like this one, they are topped with an elegant roof shape. A landmark in the Lakeview area, this barn was built around 1910 for J.K Moffatt, who was involved in the horse-trading business. The barn was constructed with the help of neighbours, who pitched in over a number of days to see the loft structure raised. When it was built, the barn was about as up-to-date as you could get, with a solid concrete foundation and curved rafters that were embedded in the walls.

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