Manitoba Municipal Heritage Site No. 169


Arborg Unitarian Church
242 Ingolfs Street,

Arborg Unitarian Church

Designation Date: August 16, 1998
Designation Authority: The Town of Arborg
Present Owner: Church Board of the Arborg Unitarian Church

In 1891 Reverend Magnus J. Skaptason preached a dramatic Easter sermon in the Arborg area, signalling local support for the formation of the Unitarian Church, a new church formed in opposition to the Lutheran Church. Unitarianism quickly took hold throughout North America. In the Interlake there were 13 Unitarian congregations established and eight buildings constructed. Today only the church buildings at Arborg, Gimli and Arnes remain. The Arborg church is a fine building. Constructed in 1927 by volunteers from the congregation, the church is a product of its time; its form and details are derived from prevailing residential bungalow designs.

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