Manitoba Municipal Heritage Site No. 174


Berry House
408 First Avenue,

Berry House

Designation Date: January 14, 1999
Designation Authority: The R.M. of Pipestone
Present Owner: privately owned

This house is an exquisite example of the architectural expression possible with brick, and of the style traditions brought to Manitoba in the late nineteenth century by settlers from southern Ontario. Indeed, the original owners of the house, Harcourt (a barber) and Mary Berry had emigrated from Ontario in the 1890s. In Ontario, this kind of house was very common. The defining characteristics include the use of a tall pointed gable window (seen here on the left), a bay window, an L-shaped plan and a dainty verandah constructed of wood. The use of two colours of brick, and their placement at building corners, around windows and as bands around the walls, helps make this house a very special part of Reston's heritage.

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