Manitoba Municipal Heritage Site No. 200


Coultervale School
SE 16-1-27W,
Coulter area

Coultervale School

Designation Date: August 11, 2000
Designation Authority: R.M. of Arthur
Present Owner: Two Borders (M)

While one-room schools were the most common educational facility in rural areas, as the system became more sophisticated and populations grew it became necessary to build larger schools. One popular solution was to simply add another room, creating a two-roomed building. Coultervale School, built in 1914 by Robert Wyatt, is an excellent example of this kind of building. Comfortingly symmetrical and with a casual hipped roof and formal entry porch, the building surely was a source of pride to students, parents and school officials. Moreover, it is built with a brick veneer, a luxury not often seen on rural schools.

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