Manitoba Municipal Heritage Site No. 203


Daly House
(Daly House Museum)
122- 18th Street

Daly House

Designation Date: August 28, 2000
Designation Authority: City of Brandon
Present Owner: City of Brandon

This Brandon landmark was built in 1882 for the family of Thomas Mayne Daly, one of Brandon's first lawyers. Daly was to become the city's first mayor, Manitoba's first federal cabinet minister and Canada's first juvenile court judge. When the family moved to British Columbia in 1896 the house became home to G.R. Coldwell, Daly's law partner. When the Coldwells left the house in the late 1920s, the city took it over, and converted it for use as a children's shelter. In 1976 the City of Brandon granted permission for the house to be used as a museum.

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