Manitoba Municipal Heritage Site No. 221


Drysdale House
SW 35-14-14W

Drysdale House

Designation Date: November 13, 2001
Designation Authority: R.M. of Langford
Present Owner: privately owned

This house was built in 1915 for farmers George and Jean Drysdale. The building is a familiar one, known as a four-square because of its solid blocky form. The Drysdales gave their house a novel touch with an inset verandah. The house has in recent years been refurbished as a tea house whose name, Prairie Orchard, recalls an important aspect of the historic farm. The Drysdale's son, Wilfred, was a well known horticulturist and worked for years with the Morden Experimental Farm developing prairie hardy apples. His orchard is still present and his Prairie Magic Apple still grown here.

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