Manitoba Municipal Heritage Site No. 222


Langtry Fox Farm Tower
NW 28-13-2E,
Stonewall area

Langtry Fox Farm Tower

Designation Date: January 9, 2002
Designation Authority: R.M. of Rockwood
Present Owner: privately owned

This tower near Stonewall, built around 1900, is one of only a handful of buildings that recall an interesting aspect of the province's agricultural history: fur farming. At the industry's height, in the 1930s and 40s, more than 25,000 pelts, usually of mink and fox, were sent each year to fur markets in Toronto and London, England. The tower was the most visible structure on a fur farm, providing the look-out needed to observe and control the animals. This building has found new life as the centrepiece for a berry-picking operation and corn maze.

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