Manitoba Municipal Heritage Site No. 227


Herdsman's House
(Klippenstein House)

Herdsman's House

Designation Date: February 27, 2002
Designation Authority: R.M. of Rhineland
Present Owner: privately owned

The traditional Mennonite farming village of Neubergthal, one of dozens that once dotted the prairie landscape of southeastern Manitoba, is special, having been designated as a National Historic Site. That honour recognizes the fact that it still boasts so many of its original housebarns. This building is an excellent example of the type. It was originally used by the village herdsman in Gnadenfeld, until it was moved to its present site and occupied by the Klippenstein family beginning in 1912. The house is virtually unchanged, complete with beamed ceiling and stenciled floor boards, and will be completely restored under the direction of the Neubergthal Heritage Foundation.

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