Manitoba Municipal Heritage Site No. 249


Shillinglaw House
302 Russell Street, Brandon

Shillinglaw House

Designation Date: June 23, 2003
Designation Authority: City of Brandon
Present Owner: privately owned

Shillinglaw House was associated for more than 75 years with one of Brandon’s most influential early citizens, Walter Shillinglaw. As an architect and city engineer (1896 to 1909), Shillinglaw was instrumental in shaping Brandon’s physical development during the community’s first half century. His portfolio encompassed projects such as Villa Louise, St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church and the Federal Building, among many other residential, commercial and institutional buildings throughout southwestern Manitoba. Shillinglaw House, built by Walter’s father, James, and expanded in 1906, is a modest example of the Italianate style, a popular form of domestic architecture in the late 1800s. It was the first residence in the East End and is now one of only two pre-1900 houses remaining in the neighbourhood.

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