Manitoba Municipal Heritage Site No. 258


St. Margaret's Anglican Church
112 Willow Avenue

St. Margaret's Anglican Church

Designation Date:  July 13, 2004
Designation Authority:  R.M. of Mountain
Present Owner:  St. Margaret's Anglican Church

St. Margaret’s Anglican Church, built in 1940, is a practical wood-sided log structure set on a corner lot in Mafeking, a village in a sparsely populated area of western Manitoba, represents the fulfillment of aspirations common to small isolated congregations everywhere. Built by local volunteer labour, this charming little house of worship was originally served by itinerant lay missionaries known as Bishop’s Messengers of St. Faith’s. The church closed in 2002 and its interior, still fitted with handmade pews, now houses a museum, which includes tributes to Agnes Edwards, the first St. Margaret’s ‘Messenger’, as well as articles relating to church and community history.

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