Manitoba Municipal Heritage Site No. 266


Holy Resurrection Russian Orthodox Church
Railway Avenue & First Street

Holy Resurrection Russian Orthodox Church

Designation Date:  March 8, 2005
Designation Authority:  R.M. of Dauphin
Present Owner:  Sifton Historic Society

Built in 1926, the Holy Resurrection Russian Orthodox Church, with its three onion-shaped domes descending in height, is a rare surviving structure that illustrates the early influence of the Russian Orthodox faith in rural Manitoba. The building, with its narrow form, modest footprint and tall bell tower, displays an eye-catching emphasis on the vertical. It recalls the complex history of religious expression in the province, including the significant role played by the village of Sifton, where the Russian Orthodox Church maintained a monastery, which also served as a nunnery and orphanage and a pastoral school for the training of priests. Only the church remains, on a pleasant large lot, continuing its service by hosting an annual Pilgrimage of Orthodoxy and functioning as a museum and interpretive centre for the faith.

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