Manitoba Municipal Heritage Site No. 269


Torsky Cabin
SW 30-20-24 W
Birdtail area

Torsky Cabin

Designation Date:  August 8, 2005
Designation Authority:  R.M. of Rossburn
Present Owner:  privately owned

The Torsky Cabin, built in 1926, is a fine example of the no-frills, practical dwellings erected in rural Manitoba by early Ukrainian settlers. In form, materials and features, the compact gable-roofed structure recalls the unpretentious design and building traditions introduced by immigrants from Galicia in east central Europe. Milled lumber was readily available by the time of the cabin’s construction, yet hand-hewn logs served the purpose for its walls, while more modern methods and materials were reserved for the roof and interior finishes. The building, one of several log structures on its farm site, was erected by homesteader Nick Torsky and served as a residence for his mother-in-law. The cabin has remained in Torsky family hands since its construction.

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