Manitoba Municipal Heritage Site No. 282


Dominion City Cemetery
Block 35, Plan 8410
Dominion City

Dominion City Cemetery

Designation Date:  August 8, 2006
Designation Authority:  R.M. of Franklin
Present Owner:  Trustees of the Dominion City Cemetery Committee

The Dominion City Cemetery, a spacious, formally organized burial ground, presently containing more than 100 graves, serves as Dominion City’s only cemetery. As the final resting place for many of the pioneers who settled in the area beginning in ca. 1890, it tells the story of the community’s past through the names and inscriptions on the grave markers. The cemetery’s picturesque site (on land donated by St. Paul’s Lutheran Church) at the edge of the urban area is a typical location for an important community amenity, providing a restful place of solace.

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