Manitoba Municipal Heritage Site No. 284


B.J. Hales House
1312 – 10th Street

B.J. Hales House

Designation Date:  February 5, 2007
Designation Authority:  City of Brandon
Present Owner:  Privately Owned

The B.J. Hales House, completed in 1912, is significant as the long-time residence of Benjamin J. Hales, the first principal of Brandon Normal School, located a short block away, and a noted naturalist, author and founder of the B.J. Hales Museum, a significant collection of mounted birds and mammals. The attractive Arts and Crafts-style home is a fine representation of genteel early twentieth-century domesticity, highlighted by the fanciful double-eyebrow shape of its front roofline, ample windows, porches and exterior finishes of red brick and light stucco, and a bright, comfortable interior graced with fine oak woodwork. The whole is well placed on spacious landscaped grounds that retain elements designed by Hales, including various plantings, fish pond and stone wall.

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