Manitoba Municipal Heritage Site No. 304


Flower Shop
110 Main Street

Flower Shop

Designation Date:  June 12, 2007
Designation Authority:  Town of Carberry
Present Owner:  Privately Owned

The Flower Shop, built ca. 1902, is a straightforward business outlet that for more than a century has been one of the small-scale mainstays of Carberry’s town centre, quietly contributing to the area’s continuity as an active commercial and designated heritage district. Built of local brick and with large storefront windows, the store, situated near a key intersection, expresses its purpose in a direct, unassuming manner. It also has adapted over the years to the needs of various retail and office occupants, notably the Bell Telephone Co. (1906–08), Manitoba Government Telephones (1908–39) and, since 1980, florists.

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