Manitoba Municipal Heritage Site No. 312


Sid's Garage
135 Main Street

Sid's Garage

Designation Date:  June 12, 2007
Designation Authority:  Town of Carberry
Present Owner:  Privately Owned

Sid’s Garage, built in 1949, is a good example of the kind of commercial operations that sprang up in Manitoba after World War II to serve a new and exciting aspect of North American life—the automobile-driving public. The need for gasoline, as well as inevitable automobile repairs, lead to the erection of hundreds of these kinds of buildings across the province. Sid’s Garage is a typical example of the type, with its long, low-slung one-storey form, large doors for automobile access on one side, and large display windows on the opposite side. Recently acquired and adapted for use as an antique shop, the building contributes to the unique heritage character of Carberry’s main street.

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