Manitoba Municipal Heritage Site No. 340


Crane River Reserve Catholic Church Site
SW 29-29-13 W
Crane River

Crane River Reserve Catholic Church Site

Designation Date:  March 18, 2009
Designation Authority:  Crane River R.R. No. 51
Present Owner:  Privately Owned

The Crane River Reserve Catholic Church Site, also known as O-Chi-Chak-Ko-Sipi First Nations Catholic Church Site, recognizes the place where a modest church once stood, as well as a neatly-fenced cemetery that is still used by the community. The church, built in 1927 with the help of local resources, and served by a priest who for some time commuted from the community of Toutes-Aides, provided communal services to the people for over six decades. Destroyed by fire and now marked by a commemorative cairn that also serves as a tribute to unmarked graves, the site remains an important historical and cultural landmark to the O-Chi-Chak-Ko-Sipi First Nations people at Crane River.

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