Manitoba Municipal Heritage Site No. 345

Old English Church
602 River Avenue

Old English Church

Designation Date: September 8, 2009
Designation Authority: Hartney (Town)
Present Owner: privately owned

The Old English Church, originally known as the Anglican Parish of St. Andrew’s, is an exceptional expression of some of the basic and most familiar traditions of Anglican church architecture. Beginning with its exceptionally steep roof, continuing through to its stolid brick walls and buttresses, and concluding in its sublime internal features and details, many carried out in delicate wood carvings, the church is a textbook example of the type. Constructed by local artisans and church members, this picturesque church gained a chancel echoing the same roofline in 1907, while the prescribed furnishings appeared as funds were raised by the Ladies’ and Girls’ auxiliaries as well as private endowments, a co-operative approach typical of small towns in southwestern Manitoba. In later years, the church languished for lack of a permanent pastor but has recently found new life with a new faith community and is being restored in the same progressive manner in which it was built.

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