Manitoba Municipal Heritage Site No. 346

Morden Canadian Pacific Railway Station
NW 1-3-5 WPM
Morden area

Morden Canadian Pacific Railway Station

Designation Date: September 10, 2009
Designation Authority: Stanley (R.M.)
Present Owner: Stanley (R.M.)

The Morden Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) Station, from 1906, is valued as an exceptionally well-preserved example of the work of eminent railway architect Ralph B. Pratt, who made the design in 1899. Four other extant stations in southern Manitoba follow the same pattern. The station, with its substantial massing enlivened by a flamboyant and complicated roof, conveys the importance and excitement of the railway in the period during which early prairie settlements were consolidated into substantial towns and cities in southern Manitoba. Originally on 7th Street in Morden, the station has excellent physical integrity, and retains nearly all of its original exterior and interior features such as the cladding material, windows and basic form, and interior details.

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