Manitoba Municipal Heritage Site No. 347


Pomeroy School
NW 1-3-5 WPM
Morden area

Pomeroy School

Designation Date: September 10, 2009
Designation Authority: Stanley (R.M.)
Present Owner: Stanley (R.M.)

Pomeroy School (1909) is valued as a rare surviving example of the early attempts by the Department of Education to provide a standard one-room school design in Manitoba. Three schemes were commissioned in 1903 from noted Winnipeg architect Samuel Hooper (later to become the Provincial Architect); Pomeroy School was based on Hooper’s No. 2 design. These standardized designs were based on up-to-date theories of education, and represented an effort by the Province to help ensure that every child had equal opportunity to learn. Where there were once over 1,000 one-room schoolhouses in Manitoba, perhaps 100 still stand, and many of these have been repurposed as granaries, sheds, etc. Like this one, many have also been moved from their original sites. Originally in the Pomeroy District near Roland, the school building, still retains most original features such as the cladding material, windows and basic form, and many interior details.

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