Manitoba Municipal Heritage Site No. 350


Braun Mennonite Log House
NW 1-3-5 WPM
Morden area

Braun Mennonite Log House

Designation Date: September 10, 2009
Designation Authority: Stanley (R.M.)
Present Owner: Stanley (R.M.)

The Braun Mennonite Log House (1885) is valued as an example of a Mennonite housebarn (the barn portion does not survive) from the early establishment period, shortly after the arrival of the railway. These structures represent a very old European vernacular tradition, modified by Mennonite settlers to suit the conditions they found in Russia and later in Manitoba. These buildings made the most of the available materials to meet the needs of new settlers, and, though utilitarian, have an elegance that stems from simplicity and good craftsmanship. Like many pioneer houses, the building saw later service as a granary when increasing prosperity allowed the owners to build a frame house. Numbers on the corners of the logs allowed for the building to be rebuilt after a move. Originally located in the Burwalde area, the house retains much of its original exterior and interior appearance, including the plan, windows and interior division.

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