Manitoba Municipal Heritage Site No. 358

St. Andrew's United Church
338 Hamilton Street

St. Andrew's United Church

Designation Date: December 9, 2010
Designation Authority: Manitou (Town)
Present Owner: St. Andrew's United Church

St. Andrew’s United Church (originally Presbyterian and built in 1901) is one of province’s most dynamic symbols of the Protestant faith carried out in a small town. With its distinctive corner tower, tiered and tapered and culminating in a filigreed cross, the building is a masterwork by Winnipeg architect and contractor James McDiarmid. With its fanciful but controlled main facades and wealth of materials—brick, stone, wooden shingles, glass, iron—the church is one of the most exuberant and elegant physical expressions of Victorian-era faithfulness. And the Akron-style auditorium plan likewise creates an impressive space within. The generous dimensions, rich woodwork, elaborate details and large coloured windows engage congregants in a meaningful spiritual realm.

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