Manitoba Municipal Heritage Site No. 361

St. Mary's and St. Albans Anglican Church
NW 8-2-8 WPM

St. Mary's and St. Albans Anglican Church

Designation Date: March 28, 2011
Designation Authority: Pembina (R.M.)
Present Owner:  St. Mary's and St. Albans Anglican Church

St. Mary and St. Alban’s Anglican Church is an exquisite example of a small rural church carried out in granite fieldstone. Built in 1892 to the designs of a major Winnipeg architect, Charles Wheeler, the church was constructed by Richard Steward and Harry Bowler, with carpentry assistance from Samuel Magee. The resulting building is refined and sophisticated, not only in its exterior, where stones are expertly placed for effect, but also inside, where rich wooden Gothic Revival details are lit with coloured glass from the Winnipeg firm of Ernest Edgell. The church was dedicated to the memory of the Honourable William Winram, a pioneer who represented the area for 13 years in the Manitoba Legislature beginning in 1878, and who was Speaker of the House for three years.

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