Manitoba Municipal Heritage Site No. 381

Forder Barn
SE 17-7-26 WPM


Forder Barn

Designation Date: May 23, 2014
Designation Authority:  Pipestone (R.M.)
Present Owner:   Privately Owned

The Forder Barn is a rare surviving building recalling the growing commercial dairy industry in early-twentieth century Manitoba. The barn is also an important example suggesting the architectural and construction approaches used in this important rural building type. The long, gambrel-roofed barn with a full-length shed along the north side recalls the era when the massive winter fodder requirements of increasingly-large dairy herds were leading to the replacement of gable roofs with the more space-efficient gambrel roof that provides a very large, open space for hay storage—also reflected in the hay hoods with hay doors beneath them in both roof peaks. During this era, before near-total mechanization rendered such barns obsolete, agricultural engineers were providing information about “scientific” improvements that are reflected in the Forder Barn’s long, narrow shape, its row of small windows, and the lighter wood-framing techniques that had replaced large timbers in barn construction.


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