Manitoba Municipal Heritage Site No. 382

Christ Church
2 Saskatchewan Crescent
The Pas

Christ Church, 2 Saskatchewan Crescent,  The Pas

Designation Date: May 23, 2014
Designation Authority:  The Pas (Town)
Present Owner:   The Church of England and Parish of Christ Church

Christ Church is valued for its historical connections, including its status as the successor to the original church that was the focal point of the Devon Mission, founded in 1840 and the first self-supporting Anglican Mission in Canada’s northwest. In addition, much of its interior woodwork was carved by members of the Richardson Rescue Party, which wintered in the area in 1846-47 on its way to search for Sir John Franklin and his lost expedition. These furnishings were moved from the original 1840s church to the current building. The church is also an important site associated with the transliteration of Cree into the Latin alphabet, as it is home to four painted canvas panels, commissioned by the Reverend John West in England and given to the Reverend Henry Budd at The Pas for use in the original Mission church. The building is a modest expression of the Gothic Revival style, with its tall lancet windows, wooden faux buttresses, diminutive belfry and oblong apse, but nevertheless is a major architectural highlight in its community. The church, which remains in active use, also has a good degree of physical integrity.


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