Manitoba Provincial Heritage Site No. 12

Archway Warehouse, Jail and Powder Magazine Remains
Norway House

Archway Warehouse, Jail and Powder Magazine Remains
Designation Date: June 13, 1984
Designation Authority: Honourable Eugene Kostyra,
Minister of Culture, Heritage and Recreation
Present Owner: Northern Stores Inc.

Norway House was the crossroads of the northern transport network of the Hudson's Bay Company during most of the 19th century. Three structures—the Archway Warehouse, Jail and Powder Magazine—survive as tangible reminders of the importance of this place in western British North America.

The Archway Warehouse, built in 1840–1841, is the oldest surviving Red River frame warehouse in western Canada and is Manitoba's oldest log edifice on its original site. The Jail, erected in 1855–56, is the oldest extant lockup in the province. Earlier wooden structures at Upper Fort Garry and York Factory have been demolished. The Powder Magazine erected in 1837–38, was the first structure built of stone in Manitoba. Though now in ruins, its style of architecture was notable for the use of cut limestone corner blocks and lintels usually found on more sophisticated buildings. These stones were quarried near Lower Fort Garry.