Manitoba Provincial Heritage Site No. 21

St. Michael's Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church
NW 28-l-6E, near Gardenton,
R.M. of Stuartburn

St. Michael's Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church
Designation Date: January 29, 1986
Designation Authority: Honourable Eugene Kostyra,
Minister of Culture, Heritage and Recreation
Present Owner: St. Michael’s Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church

St. Michael's Orthodox Church, consecrated October 14, 1899, was the first permanent Ukrainian Orthodox church erected in Canada. Until the parish joined the Greek Orthodox Church of Canada in 1922, it was served by a Russian Orthodox Mission.

The church was built by immigrants from northern Bukovyna, now the western Ukraine, who settled in the Gardenton area after 1896. Measuring 48' x 22' x 33', the structure exemplified Bukovynian pioneer craftsmanship in architecture, interior decoration and religious furnishing. St. Michael's served as a focal point of spiritual and cultural life in the first Ukrainian settlement in Manitoba and remains a symbol of the continuity of the Ukrainian identity in Canada.