Manitoba Provincial Heritage Site No. 49

Trappist Monastery Guesthouse
rue du Monastère,
St. Norbert

Trappist Monastery Guesthouse
Designation Date: March 30, 1990
Designation Authority: Honourable Bonnie Mitchelson,
Minister of Culture, Heritage and Recreation
Present Owner: St. Norbert Historical and Community Services Inc.

The former Trappist Guesthouse was built by the Trappist Monks in 1912 to provide the necessary facilities for the monastic tradition of visitor hospitality. It was constructed on the foundations of the original 1892 Trappist Monastery which itself had been converted into a guesthouse in 1906 before being destroyed by fire in 1912.

A functional two-and-a-half storey wood-frame building with a rectangular floor plan surmounted by a mansard roof, the guesthouse is representative of the standard layout of Roman Catholic ecclesiastical architecture in Canada and resembles Catholic seminaries, convents and schools across the country.