Made-In-Manitoba Climate and Green Plan

Manitoba Merit-Based Program

The Merit-based program is helping Manitobans reduce greenhouse gas emissions and transition to a low-carbon economy. Through targeted funding and support, the program empowers diverse sectors to take meaningful action towards a sustainable and resilient future.

The Merit-based program, part of Canada's Low Carbon Economy Fund (LCEF), is a collaborative funding initiative between the Government of Canada and the Manitoba government.

The Merit-based program provides grant funding to support projects across the province that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, helping to improve affordability and supporting Manitoba's transition to the green economy.

The program has benefited projects across Manitoba, working with a wide range of sectors to support projects that will lower emissions from agriculture, small business, municipalities as well as not-for-profit and government housing projects.

A total of 32 projects have been approved for Merit-based Program funding:

  • 24 agricultural business operations
  • 4 Manitoba-based non-profit organisations
  • 2 municipal projects
  • 2 Manitoba government agencies

For the complete project listing, visit: LCEF Merit-based Program: Approved Round One Projects

In all, over $10.9 million in grants have been awarded to these projects.

Funding supports a range of green initiatives, including:

  • Fuel-switching from fossil fuels like propane and diesel to low green house gas emitting energy sources like electricity and biomass.
  • Energy Efficiency Upgrades for propane and diesel systems (Natural Gas and Grid Supplied Electricity are supported by Efficiency Manitoba).
  • Self-generated clean energy to replace fossil fuels like ground source heat pump systems and solar panel systems.

Strong Uptake From Agricultural Sector

The merit program has seen strong uptake from Manitoba's agriculture sector, providing financial incentives to reduce emissions while making farming operations more efficient and cost effective.

Up to $5.28 million in grants to 24 agricultural businesses will support energy efficiency upgrades and fuel switching projects for important agricultural grain drying, transfer and handling systems. This includes upgrades to more efficient and lower cost propane or zero emissions renewable electricity systems that will reduce emissions by over 3,687 tonnes in 2030.

Together, these agricultural projects contribute nearly $19 million into the Manitoba economy to the end of March 2025.

This will help Manitoba's agriculture sector effectively compete in the global low-carbon economy, have a positive impact on the ongoing profitability of these businesses, while supporting environmental stewardship objectives.

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