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Buying a house or condo
Review and use real estate lawyer

Get good advice and minimize your risk when making life's largest transactions.

Buying or selling real estate? Be aware that professional realtors can make legally binding agreements. That's why it is extremely important to review and understand every aspect of any real estate transaction you become involved with. It's also the main reason why the Manitoba Real Estate Association recommends that you retain a real estate lawyer to guide you through the complexities of buying or selling a home or other real property. Money you might save by doing it yourself may not compare to what you risk losing if a real estate deal goes wrong.

Buying a House or Condo | Review and Use Real Estate Lawyer - Consumer Protection Office
  • Shop around for a lawyer and meet some prospects before you commit to one.
  • Learn what they can offer and what they will charge.
  • Ask for advice from friends, relatives and others you trust.
  • Your banker or a financial advisor may provide recommendations.
  • Visit The Law Society of Manitoba to check credentials.

Visit the Manitoba Real Estate Association website to learn about dealing with real estate agencies.

For laws that govern real estate brokers and real estate property transactions in Manitoba see:

The Manitoba Securities Commission also offers a downloadable guide from The Manitoba Real Estate Association at

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