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Buying a house or condo
Rules for condo builders

Condominium living has both lifestyle advantages and legal responsibilities.

When a builder or developer decides to create a condominium development, that builder must register a declaration, then set up and operate a condominium corporation that will eventually be turned over to unit owners. Generally, management of the condominium corporation must be turned over to unit owners once the developer no longer owns a majority of the units.

Buying a House or Condo | Rules for Condo Builders - Consumer Protection Office

Before turning over the condominium corporation to unit owners, the developer is responsible for all aspects of the condominium development and its board. This can include property maintenance, setting up a reserve fund and serving as an interim landlord for unit holders.

The many legal aspects of turning over a condominium development to unit owners are complex and call for the services of professionals such as realtors and real estate lawyers. The legislation they must follow is found in The Condominium Act that came into force in Manitoba in February of 2015.

Manitoba's Consumer Protection Office web pages feature a consumer-level guide to The Condominium Act that is recommended reading for people interested in condo ownership.

If you're interested in condominium living, it's good advice to get help from a real estate lawyer and a professional realtor.

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