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Manitoba Risk Recognition Program

Eligible Organizations and Positions

Organization/Facility Position Type

Provincial Laboratory
CancerCare Manitoba
Community Health Agency
Community Health Centre
Community Health Services
(including Home Care, Public
Health, Mental Health and
Emergency Response Services
Long Term Care Centre
Manitoba Home Care Equipment
and Supplies Program (MDA)
Personal Care Home
Primary Care Clinic
Provincial Nursing Stations
Regional Health Authority
Mental Health Centre
Shared Health
St. Amant Centre
Private Health Care Facility,
Laboratory, Clinic - (enter name in
box below)

Activity Worker
Aide (Resident/Patient/Client Services)
Assistant (Resident/Patient/Client Services)
Attendant (Resident /Patient/ Client Services)
Audiology Screener
Case Coordinator (Home Care)
Case Worker
Clerk (Resident/ Patient/Client Services)
Client Care Coordinator
Clinical Dietitian
Clinical Nurse Specialist
Clinical Service Leader
Community Specialist
Community Worker
Coordinator (Resident/ Patient/ Client Services)
Crisis Clinician
Dietary and Food Service
EMS - Paramedic
Handivan Driver
Health Care Aide /Assistant
Home Visitor Client Services)
Housekeeping Aide
Industrial Mechanic / Clinical Engineer
Language Access Interpreter / Resource Worker
Laundry Aide
Manitoba Home Care Equipment Client Services (Technician/ Storekeeper/ Supervisor)
Material Handler Distribution (Mail, PPE, Medical, Surgical Supplies Distribution)
Medical Device Reprocessing Aide/Assistant

Medical Laboratory Assistant / Technician
Mental Health - Proctor / Worker
Nurse (RN, LPN, RPN)
Nurse Practitioner
Occupational Therapist
Patient Transport Assistant/Aide/Therapist
Pharmacist (Clinical, Non-retail)
Physician Assistant/Clinical Assistant
Plant Maintenance (HVAC, Electrical, Painting, Plumbing for Hospitals and Personal Care Homes)
Psychologist (Clinical, Hospital)
Radiation Therapist
Receptionist (Resident/Patient/Client Services)
Recreation/Activity Aide/Assistant/ Worker
Rehabilitation Aide / Assistant
Security / Contracted Security (Resident/Patient/Client Services)
Social Worker
Speech Language Pathologist
Spiritual Health Specialist /Chaplain
Supportive Housing / Tenant Companion
Technician / Technologist
Respiratory Therapist

Organization/Facility Position Type

Child and Family Services - Community Care Provider
Child and Family Services Agency
Child and Family Services Group Home
Early Learning and Child Care
Homeless Shelter
Manitoba Developmental Centre
Manitoba Families - Child and Youth Services Division
Manitoba Families - Community Service Delivery Division
Manitoba Housing / Non-profit housing
Services for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities
Services for Children with Disabilities

Activities Instructor (Manitoba Developmental Centre)
Adolescent Treatment Counsellor
Building Cleaning Staff (Manitoba Housing and Non-Profit Housing)
Building Maintenance Manitoba Housing / Non-Profit (Electrical, Painting, Plumbing)
Building Super (Manitoba Housing and Non-profit Housing)
Case Manager (Homeless Shelter)
Child and Family Services Case Manager
Child and Family Services Intake Worker
Child Care Assistant
Child Development Worker
Clerk (in-person client service)
Community Care Provider Coordinators
Community Care Provider Team Lead/ House Lead
Day Care Executive Director
Direct Service Workers (adult residential services, day services, supported independent living, respite)
Driver (adult day services program)
Early Childhood Educator
Family Support Worker
Food Service Worker (in-person client service)
Homeless Outreach Mentor (Homeless Shelter)
In Home Support, Case Aide, Care Worker

Operations Manager (Manitoba Housing/Non-profit Housing)
Personal Development Counsellor (Manitoba Developmental Centre)
Pest Management Administrator/Technician (Manitoba Housing/Non-profit Housing)
Property Manager (Manitoba Housing/Non-profit Housing)
Psychiatric Nursing Assistant
Receptionist (in-person client service)
Residential Coordinator/Service Worker (Manitoba Developmental Centre)
Security / Contracted Security (Manitoba Housing/Non-Profit Housing)
Service Assistant (Child and Family Services)
Shelter Manager (in-person client service)
Shelter Worker
Social Services Worker (in-person client service)
Spirit Workers / Family Mentors
Street Reach Workers
Supervisor / Team Lead for Direct Service Worker
Tenant Service Coordinator (Manitoba Housing/Non-Profit Housing)
Therapist/Counsellor (services for children with disabilities)
Transitional Support Worker (Homeless Shelter)
Tutor/Instructor (services for children with disabilities)
Youth Care Practitioner/Worker


Organization/Facility Position Type

Community Corrections
Correctional Facility
Custody Corrections
Protective Services
Policing Agency
Sheriff Services

Chaplain / Indigenous Spiritual Caregiver
Community Corrections Worker
Community Safety Officer
Correctional Officer
Correctional Superintendents (Assistant, Deputy - inmate living units)
First Nations Safety Officer Correctional Superintendents (Assistant, Deputy - inmate living units)

First Nations Safety Officer Institutional Teacher
Juvenile Counsellor
Medical Office Assistant
Nurse/Emergency Medical Staff
Police (RCMP - Manitoba police force, WPS, BPS)
Probation Officer
Program / Counsellor
Protective Services Officer
Sheriff Officer
Trades Instructor

Organization/Facility Position Type

Family Violence Crisis Shelter
Family Violence Second Stage Housing Program

Children's Counsellor
Clinical Supervisor
Crisis Intervention Worker
Crisis Line Coordinator
Cultural Worker
Executive Director/Director (also provide client care)
Follow-up Counsellor

Program Director
Receptionist (Resident/Patient/Client Services)
Residential Support Worker
Security Guard / Contracted Security
Shelter Support Worker
Supervisor (Client Care)
Volunteer Coordinator

Organization/Facility Position Type

Accommodation Services Division - Manitoba Government

Building Service Worker
Chief Power Engineer
Facility Manager

Maintenance Assistant
Power Engineer
Trades Helper

Organization/Facility Position Type

Business Improvement Zone (BIZ)
Essential Retail
Funeral Services

BIZ Safety Ambassador
BIZ Environment Clean Team
BIZ Homelessness Assistance Team
Crematorium Operators - Employees Only
Funeral Attendants - Employees Only
Funeral Directors - Employees Only
Embalmers - Employees Only
Food and Beverage Server
Food Counter Attendant / Kitchen Helper / Related Support
Hotel/Motel Reception
Hotel/Motel cleaning
Hotel/Motel Maintenance

Hotel/Motel food and beverage
Hotel/Motel Security
Light Duty Cleaner
Nurses Aide, Orderly and Patient Service Associate
Pharmacy Technician
Pharmacy Assistant
Retail Salesperson
Security Guard / Contracted Security
Service Station Attendant
Material Handlers
Store Shelf Stocker / Clerks or Order Filler
Produce/Meat Handler
Retail Sales Supervisor

Organization/Facility Position Type

Transit / Bus

Transport Truck Drivers (Employee only)
Taxi Drivers (Employee only)
Bus, Transit Driver



Essential Retail

Essential Retail Business is defined as per Manitoba Public Health Order.

  • A business that provides, by retail sale, food or household consumer goods necessary for the safety, sanitation or operation of residences and businesses. Such a business includes a grocery store, supermarket, convenience store, butcher shop, bakery, market, hardware store and any other retail business.
  • A business that provides personal protective equipment or protective clothing for use in the workplace.
  • A business that provides essential goods and services for the health and well-being of animals, including animal feed, pet food, and animal supplies such as bedding.
  • A gas station or other business that provides diesel, aviation, propane, heating fuel or other fuel used to power a motor vehicle, aircraft or watercraft.
  • A business that provides office supplies and services. The supplies and services include computer products and related repair and maintenance services for businesses and for individuals working from home.
  • A business that holds a retail liquor licence, a manufacturer's licence, including a manufacturer's licence with a retail endorsement, or a retail cannabis licence or that is authorized by the Government of Canada to produce cannabis.
  • Retail Pharmacies, as per Section 55 of the Public Health Order

Please note that if you are a worker in healthcare, social services, family violence prevention, justice and corrections, and Manitoba accommodation services, only specific employers are eligible. Eligible employers are listed in the application form.

Security Services

Security guards employed by an eligible organization or employer, or, those contracted to protect an eligible organization type, are eligible for the MRRP.  To apply to the program, select the primary organization/setting type to which you were assigned during the eligibility period.   If you were assigned to more than one eligible organization during the eligibility period, select “add employer” to add additional assignments.  

  • For security guards working assigned to an essential retail, pharmacy, or hotel/motel setting:
    • Select the following organization/setting - “Retail (Essential), Lodging and BIZ”
    • Enter the name of your employer (i.e. the security company name and contact information).   
  • For all other facility types:
    • Select the “organization/setting” type to which you were assigned
    • Select “My employer does not appear in the drop down list”, and enter the name of the employer (i.e. the security company name and contact information).