Event Attraction Strategy

The $8 million #RestartMB Event Attraction Strategy will maximize the potential of Winnipeg and rural destinations to host large-scale meetings, conventions and events. The strategy will carefully balance public health considerations with ongoing efforts to restart the Manitoba economy.

CFL Hub Plan

As part of the Event Attraction Strategy, the province has earmarked $2.5 million to facilitate the CFL hub city event, which would offset eligible event-specific league expenses such as food and accommodations, practice field rentals and group transportation.

Key plans and strategies to reduce the spread of COVID-19 include:

  1. There is a total isolation period of 21 days (14 at home, 7 after arriving in Winnipeg) required for US and International Players.
  2. Hotels will be dedicated to the CFL and not accessible to the general public as part of the CFL Safety Zone.
  3. No fans will be allowed in the stands - the stadium will be closed to all but players, staff, league officials and sports media.
  4. Only players, staff, league officials and media will be travelling to Winnipeg - out of town fans will not be attending.
  5. Any violations of the CFL Safety Zone will result in strict penalties up to players being sent home immediately for the remainder of the season.