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DISCLAIMER: This Personal Tax Savings Estimator © does not calculate actual tax liabilities. It is meant to estimate the approximate tax impact on notional taxpayers of the Manitoba tax system as it existed in 1999, and as it is expected to function in 2015. Users of this Estimator © are advised not to rely on its simplified results to determine their actual tax liabilities for any of the years in question.

Users may enter data into the white spaces on the screen. Round to the nearest dollar, and do not use commas. Pressing the Calculate button will cause the Results to appear in the RESULTS area. To ensure correct results when doing multiple calculations, you must first press the Clear and Reset button before entering new inputs.

Assumptions Instructions

General Information

FAMILY STATUS for Taxation purposes


Marital status 1 = single, 2 = married


Age in years (not less than 18)

If 65 or over, how many months have you received OAS (used for estimate of OAS)

Children:  Enter number of dependent children


If you claim a disability amount for yourself or a dependent child, enter the number of claims here (Estimator Maximum 2)


If your spouse claims a disability amount, enter 1 here


Income Information

Earned income
(Line 101 of T1 General)

Pensions other than Old Age Security or CPP
(Lines 115 and 116 of T1 General)

Investment and other income: interest, CPP, etc.
(Lines 104, 114, 121, 128 to 130, 144 to 145 of T1 General)  

Eligible Dividends (actual amount)

Other-than-Eligible Dividends (actual amount)

Capital Gains (actual amount)


Deductions from Total Income: eg. RRSP contributions, child care, etc. See Instructions.
(Lines 207 to 215, 219 to 221, 224 to 232 of T1 General)

Deductions from Net Income: eg. other payments, Northern residents, etc. See Instructions.
(Lines 244 to 250, 254 to 256 of T1 General)

Charitable donations
(Line 340 of T1 General - Schedule 9)

Housing Information

Do you claim a Manitoba Property Tax Credit? If you do not, enter "0" in the space. If you are a tenant, enter "1" in the space; if you are a homeowner, enter "2".

Tenant: Monthly rent amount you pay on your residence in Manitoba.

Homeowner: Total Property Taxes on your home in Manitoba.


Clear and Reset

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