The Exterior

Legislative Building (32883 bytes)

The pediment, high above the six columns fronting the main entrance, symbolizes the ideals of nationhood and embraces all of Canada. In the centre is a female figure representing Manitoba. On the east side, a nautical wheel represents the Atlantic Ocean. On the west side, a hand holding Neptune's trident represents the Pacific Ocean. Atop the pediment at either end are two sphinxes.

In the east corner is the indolent man, next to a half-kneeling figure representing the spirit of progress and beckoning the indolent one to come to the land of promise. Other figures include the female Europa, symbolizing European immigration, and a man, woman and child, symbolizing a family in the new land


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In the west corner are two entwined female figures representing the Red and Assiniboine Rivers. Next to them is a muscular male figure with a team of powerful horses and a primitive plow - the tiller of the soil. Near the pediment's central figure, are a man and a woman laden with the produce of the land.

Four imposing groups of figures, located on the four corners of the tower at the base of the Legislative Building's dome, represent agriculture, art, industry and science. Grouped figures on the east and west porticos represent war and peace, respectively.

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