Market Development


AAFC Indigenous Pathfinder Service

One-stop shop for advice and referral to help navigate the relevant information tools and support available to start or expand activities in the agri-food sector.

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Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada AgPal program and service finder

AgPal helps farmers and agri-businesses find relevant resources by gathering agricultural information and presenting it all in one place. Find programs, services, market intelligence, research and more!

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Business Women in International Trade

Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) helps open doors and create opportunities for Canadian women-owned and women-led business to expand into global markets.

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Canada Digital Adoption Program

The Canada digital adoption progrm provides funding and support to businesses to get their business online, give their e-commerce presence a boost of help digitalize their business operations.

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Manitoba's Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership
Market Development Program

The Market Development Program provides financial assistance for market development activities that enhance interprovincial trade and export capacity and improve trade access for the sector.

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EDC Programs

EDC has a suite of solutions to help you offset the risks of doing business abroad, finance your deal, and access working capital.

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Indigenous business export support

TCS helps open doors and create opportunities for indigenous businesses in Canada to expand into global markets.

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North Forge Founders Ascent Program

Ascent is a 12-24 month program for startup businesses who have completed market validation and are looking to build a working prototype and commercialize their product. They are ready to develop their go-to-market strategy, expand their network and are built to scale.

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North Forge North Star Program

North Star is a 12 to 24 month program for startups with a proven revenue-to-customer revenue base, and potential to raise a Series A investment round. It is ideal for startups that are growing quickly, with a validated, marketable solution who are in need of a network of specialized supports that will help them realize scalable growth and prepare for an investment round.

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Trade Accelerator Program (TAP)

TAP is a dynamic program aimed at helping Manitoba's small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) overcome barriers to exporting.

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