Federal-Provincial Relations
Responsible for providing advice, analysis and support in managing Manitoba's relations with the federal government and other provincial/territorial governments on matters of intergovernmental significance.

International Relations
Coordinates, monitors and reports on Manitoba's international relations. The branch also provides strategic policy advice and support to the Premier's and the Minister's international activities. In addition, the branch facilitates the involvement of Manitoba firms and organizations and oversees the Government's involvement in international development projects.

Manitoba Protocol Office
Provides leadership and coordination in government ceremonial, protocol and diplomatic activities and serves as the secretariat to the Order of Manitoba Advisory Council.
Manitoba Strategic Infrastructure Secretariat
The Manitoba Strategic Infrastructure Secretariat (MSIS) is a central delivery agency that manages significant strategic investment initiatives in partnership with federal and local governments to build, enhance, and modernize public infrastructure and economic development opportunities in Manitoba. Such projects create long-term economic growth, support a cleaner environment and build inclusive communities through investments in innovation, trade, transportation, green infrastructure and local community priorities.