International Relations

The International Relations Division has overall responsibility for the coordination, monitoring and reporting of the Government of Manitoba's international relations by:

  • Working across government and in collaboration with departments to promote a strategic approach to the Government of Manitoba's international relations;
  • Providing strategic policy advice and support for the international activities of the Premier, the Lieutenant Governor, Ministers, Legislators, and other representatives of the Government of Manitoba;
  • Building strategic relationships with governments outside of Canada (often resulting in bilateral international agreements) as well as with the Canadian federal department of Global Affairs Canada, and other federal and provincial/territorial departments involved in international relations;
  • Facilitating the involvement and participation of Manitoba firms and organizations in international development projects funded by International Financial Institutions (IFIs), such as the World Bank;
  • Coordinating the Government of Manitoba's involvement in international development projects funded by Global Affairs Canada – International Development and
  • Providing strategic and operational advice to other departments in support of their international interests, especially in the development of agreements with foreign governments and organizations.