No gas tax - Save 14˘/L Starting Jan 1

New year, no gas tax!

The Manitoba government is saving you fourteen cents a litre at the pump.

We're pausing the gas tax as part of our plan to lower costs for Manitoba families.

The Manitoba government has introduced amendments to Bill 3, the fuel tax amendment act, which will temporarily pause the collection of the provincial tax on gasoline, natural gas, marked fuel and diesel fuels for at least six months starting January 1, 2024.

The average Manitoba family with two cars is expected to save approximately $250 during the six-month fuel tax holiday.

Fuel Retailer Refunds, Payments and Tax Returns

Fuel tax retailers that have fuel tax paid gasoline, diesel or marked gasoline inventory at the end of business on December 31, 2023 can apply for a fuel tax refund. 

To apply for the fuel tax holiday refund, fuel retailers will be able to log into their sales tax account on Manitoba Finance’s online portal TAXcess and select the Fuel Tax Holiday Refund link to access the online application form and information. Fuel retailers will be required to provide their fuel volumes at the end of business on December 31, 2023 by fuel type and upload supporting documentation.

Fuel tax collectors who sell products not eligible for the fuel tax holiday must continue to file fuel tax returns with Manitoba Finance to report volumes on all fuel products sold and remit taxes on fuel products.

For more information, contact Manitoba Finance at 204-945-5603 or 1-800-782-0318.  Questions can also be sent by e-mail to

News Release:

November 23, 2023: Manitoba Government Introduces Legislation to Make Lives More Affordable for Manitobans by Lowering Fuel Taxes