Building Sustainable Communities Program - Frequently Asked Questions

If I need help completing the application, whom can I contact?

For further information and assistance:
Municipal Relations - Community Development Branch Offices
Central Region
225 Wardrop St.
Morden MB R6M 1N4
Ph: 204-822-5418
Fax: 204-822-2915
Toll Free: 1-866-346-5219
Interlake Region
Box 1519, 75-7th Ave.
Gimli MB  R0C 1B0
Ph:  204-642-6014
Fax: 204-642-6150
Eastman Region
Box 50, 20 1st St. S.
Beausejour MB R0E 0C0
Ph: 204-268-6021
Fax: 204-268-6070
Toll Free: 1-800-665-6107
Parkland Region
Box 14, 27 2nd Ave. S.W.
Dauphin MB R7N 3E5
Ph: 204-622-2022
Fax: 204-622-2298
Norman Region
3 Station Road, North Central Mall Thompson, MB R8N 0N3
Ph: 204-679-8331
Fax: 204-677-0639
Toll Free: 1-855-644-0401
Westman Region
Rm. 335, 340 9th St.
Brandon MB R7A 6C2
Ph: 204-726-6066
Fax: 204-726-6583
Toll Free: 1-800-259-6592
Manitoba Municipal Relations
6th floor – 800 Portage Ave. Winnipeg MB R3G 0N4
Ph: 204-945-4401
Fax: 204-948-4042

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What do I need to do to confirm that my non-profit organization is active and in good standing?

For incorporated, non-profit organizations, you can submit your current annual return of information or a Certificate of Status from the Companies Office. For non-incorporated, non-profit organizations, you may be asked for copies of information, such as:

  • financial statements
  • meeting minutes
  • constitution and bylaws
  • membership and executive structure

There is no need to submit these with your application. However, you may be asked to produce this information.

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What is considered a planning project under the Building Sustainable Communities Program?

A planning project is one that focuses on the development of a plan that helps communities or regions to make decisions about priorities for future development. This would include land use and development plans, economic development plans, community development plans, strategic plans and recreation master plans.

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What is considered local government under the Building Sustainable Communities Program?

Municipalities (including local authorities such as planning districts) and communities designated under The Northern Affairs Act are considered local governments.

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When can I expect to receive the funding for my project?

For projects that span one fiscal year (April 1 to March 31):

  • Sixty per cent of approved funds will be issued after the signed project contribution agreement is received.
  • Forty per cent of approved funds will be issued after final reports have been submitted and accepted.

For projects that span two fiscal years:

  • Sixty per cent of approved funds will be issued after the signed project contribution agreement is received.
  • An interim payment of up to 30 per cent of approved funds may be issued at the end of the first fiscal year provided you request and complete the reporting requirements as outlined in the contribution agreement.
  • Up to 40 per cent of approved funds will be issued after final reports have been completed and accepted.

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What do I do once my project is complete?

A final report is required within 60 days of project completion or by the final deadline listed in the project contribution agreement, whichever is sooner. All reporting requirements, as outlined in your project contribution agreement, must be completed in full. Final payment will not be issued until all reporting requirements have been approved by the Manitoba government.

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Can an organization apply for more than one project?

Yes, an organization can apply for multiple projects. If applying for more than one project, to make the process easier, you only need to complete all of section A on your first application. On subsequent applications, you only need to add your organization’s name in section A, provided the contact person is the same for each project. Sections B and C must be completed in full, for each project.

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Can I start my project before receiving approval?

You can start your project prior to receiving approval however project expenses incurred before the intake deadline are not eligible. Project expenses incurred after the intake deadline for approved projects may be eligible for funding.

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Can a community be awarded more than one grant?

Yes. All applications are assessed individually, on their merit.

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How are projects approved?

Applications are reviewed and assessed by Manitoba Municipal Relations staff, in consultation with other government departments. The Association of Manitoba Municipalities will also be involved in reviewing and providing feedback on project applications. Program criteria are included in the program guidelines.

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