Annual Statistics

Manitoba Health’s Annual Statistics report is designed for a broad audience that includes health professionals, researchers, policymakers and the general public. Comprised of 13 sections, the report looks at the distribution of the population, mortality, disease and injury, prevalence of mental illness, physician and hospital services, use of home care and personal care homes, preventative services and prescription drug use. The focus of the report is population‐based rather than service‐based; that is, indicators reflect where people live, not where they received services. Wherever possible, graphs are presented by regional health authority (RHA) to allow greater specificity of the population to assist planners in understanding the health needs of their particular region.

Manitoba's health care system is a broad network of services and programs. Overseeing this system is Manitoba Health, a department of the provincial government. For the most part, the actual services are delivered through local regional health authorities (RHAs) – five regional agencies set up by the province to meet the local needs of Manitobans. As of April of 2013, the RHAs were Winnipeg Health Region, Southern Health-Santé Sud, Interlake‐Eastern RHA, Prairie Mountain Health and Northern Health Region.

For most indicators the report provides a rate by RHA and then a more in-depth look or “Highlight” at the Manitoba level. For some indicators, the data is only presented at the Manitoba level. The majority of the indicators report data for the 2020-2021 fiscal year.  Where most recent data was not available, the prior year was used. 

The indicators for this report were produced using health services utilization data, which does not consider information related to regional context, such as history or local circumstances. The information in this report should be used in conjunction with information from other sources in determining the ‘take-away message’ for each indicator.

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